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Dennis M. O'Connor Public Library

Library Services


To obtain a library card, patrons must be 18 years of age or older and must have a valid Texas Driver’s license or Identification Card with a current Refugio County mailing address.  Patrons that live outside of the county but work in the county can obtain a library card.  A current working phone number where the patron can be reached must also be obtained.  There will be a limit of one card per household.

Patrons less than 17 years of age can have checkout privileges providing an adult (parent, guardian, spouse, or grandparent) adds them to their library account as an authorized user.  Permission to add a person must come from the account holder.  The account holder will take full responsibility for all materials checked out.

Those residing outside of the county and who do not work in the county, can purchase a library card for a $20 fee.

All new library card accounts will be limited to one DVD/VHS and five books per visit for the first month.



  • Books                                            3 weeks
  •  Books on Waiting List             2 weeks
  •  Books on Tape                           3 weeks
  •  Magazines                                  1 week
  • Video Tapes/DVD                      3 days


  • First time patrons:  Five books and one DVD/VHS for the first month

  • Established patrons:  10 totals items, including a maximum of two DVD/VHS's


Patrons may renew library materials by phone or in person.  One renewal (re-check) is allowed, unless the item has been reserved or there is a waiting list for the item.


  • All overdue books (including audio books) accrue a fine at the rate of $0.25 per day per item.  Video and DVD materials accrue a fine at the rate of $1.00 per day per item.  The maximum fine is $5.00 per item.
  • Patrons with outstanding fines will be asked to pay or make arrangements to pay all fines before being allowed to check out any the library materials and/or utilize all library services (i.e. use of computers, send faxes, make copies)  Materials donated will not be used in place of fines owed, with the exception for amnesty days.
  •  If a patron repeatedly loses materials or is late returning them on a regular basis, in fairness to other Library patrons, a limit on the number of materials checked out may be imposed, even though fines are paid and other restitution has been made.
  • A book drop near the entrance of the library is available for convenience in returning library materials.


The library participates in the Texas Group Interlibrary Loan Program from which the library can request materials that are not found in our collection from other libraries.  Patrons are limited to three requests at a time. 


The library has six public access workstations, which are loaded with Microsoft software: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher, in addition to numerous other software and games.  Free filtered Wi-Fi is accessible during normal library hours.   


 Our friendly library staff are eager to assist you with your reference questions.




  • Sending - $1.00 for the first page sent and .50 for each additional page
  • Receiving - .25 for each page


  • .25 for each copy

Copyright law only permits one copy (for personal or research use) of copyrighted materials.  For any other use, permission much be secured from the owner of the copyright.


The library welcomes gifts and/or donations of books and other materials.  Once received, materials are the exclusive property of the library. The library staff will determine if donated items are to be added to the collection.  Donated items not added to the collection are usually put in the library book sale.   The library staff will not access or estimate the value of either books or materials.  Cash donations and bequests of money may be made to the library.  The donor may request that these funds be used for the development of specific collections, but he library reserves the right to select material it deems necessary.